About Athago

We are a web development company based in Chicago with a 2nd active location in beautiful Greece. We have a team of seasoned web developers, web designers, copywriters, marketing specialists and project managers to cover the needs of every client. We bring the absolute most to every project regardless of scope and scale.

We began hosting and developing websites in 2009, when the internet was just beginning to really come into its own. Marketers were still uncovering the full extent of SEO, social media was flourishing, and the entire digital marketing landscape was in a captivating transition.

We saw it all unfold. We committed to all major areas of digital development, including website design, website development, mobile development, app development, hosting, and even support solutions for small, mid-size, and large businesses. 

All of these pieces are connected. They all play off each other. This is why we knew not to just focus on one very specific area but create fantastic campaigns that made strides in all these areas- together.

We carry you through every phase of your digital campaign. From the initial development and strategy to implementation and testing, we know that you can’t drop the ball anywhere along the way. This is why we make sure it is held up by the best ideas and best approaches for your ever-unique business needs right here in Chicago and in Europe.

Our goal is to use everything at our disposal to bring you real results. Every project presents a new challenge for use to discover and take on headfirst. But it also provides us a fantastic opportunity to be creative and passionate, giving you complete and unrestrained growth for your company.


It is not enough to be different. You have
to be better.

To continue our journey as a Digital Business leader and a premier strategic partner to companies who wish to grow in the digital era, by offering the necessary tools to engage with their customers, empower their employees, optimize their operations and transform their products and services. Combining our adept understanding of modern digital technology with creative solutions, we provide an effective backbone for your business. We know digital marketing can be volatile, but we know the steps it takes to dominate- and stay in that position. You will not only see unprecedented maturity in the voice of your brand, but you will see your value grow tremendously as a leading competitor.

We can help you truly shape the future
of your business

A History

Our team already has an innate understanding of web design and branding. All our team members have worked for years on projects of all shapes and sizes, fine-tuning the craft, learning what works, and delivering powerful results for clients. Now, they are all carrying that unrivaled and expansive expertise to this business.

In-House Development

Our dedicated in-house team gets things close to the chest. This means that marketing, web design, and development is completed by in-house masters of the craft who know up and down your needs and wants.

Long-Term Partnerships

While there is no obligation to build a long-term partnership with us, we value loyalty and warn it with quality projects. We look at every single project, no matter the size, as an opportunity to build a real strategic future partnership.
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Digital Partners

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